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Judaic eCard Club Mission Statement

Quite simpy... My mission is to:

  • First and foremost... Provide a homey and friendly environment with personal and superb customer service

  • Offer a Judaic card club/community where the members can make suggestions, comments and requests for cards and categories provided (I will do my best to comply!)

  • Fill a void in the card sending needs of the Jewish Community — online and off

  • Provide a card club where the non-Jewish can find help for sending just the right card for their Jewish family, friends and colleagues

  • Provide artsy and unique card images that will not be seen coming and going

  • Provide cards for everyone's needs whether for fun, business or just general sending — All in one place

  • Focus not only on the traditional Judaica, but also on those holidays, events and occasions that most celebrate, portraying them within a Judaic theme. Examples include:

    • Anniversaries
    • Birthdays
    • Graduations
    • Get Well
    • Love in February (aka Valentine's Day Judaic Style)
    • Mother's Day
    • Father's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • July 4th
    • Thanksgiving
    • 911 Tributes and Acknowledgements Including: NYPD, FDNY, NYPA, FDNY/EMS
    • Support cards for our troops
    • Condolence cards for our fallen troops
    • Welcome home cards for our troops and anything else my overactive imagination can come up with

My goal is, and has always been, to provide as much variety as I can, in order to save the member's valuable time, energy and most of all... MONEY! IF... they can find what they need here they will not have to go elsewhere!

As a courtesy... in some cases I will provide a few generic cards so that the members may be able to send them to their non-Jewish friends if the holiday, event or occasion is appropriate. For example... Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, etc.

I will continue to include as many card varieties as I can, as long as they can be either portrayed within a Judaic theme or will not be offensive to the membership. My concerns are always with the membership and how I can better provide for them!

Still Have Questions? Contact Roz

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