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Say It With eCards - Member Benefits

Membership includes the following exclusive member features:

PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE — First and foremost, Say It With eCards, formerly Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings Club is famous for its “#1 Personal Customer Service!”

  • #1 Customer Service - First and foremost Roz Fruchtman and Say It With eCards offers #1 Superior Customer Service. Phone support is available when necessary within the United States.

  • 24/7 Unlimited Access to more than 4,000 Judaic eCards — Exclusively Offered ONLY at Say It With eCards.

  • No viruses transmitted with your eCards.

  • No pop-up or pop-under menus flying at you and draining your computer's memory.

  • No flashing lights or flashing banners to distract you or make you dizzy. (I'm very sensitive to this myself!)

  • No software to add in order to send Say It With eCards Judaic eCards

  • No More UN-Opened eCards - Your recipients WILL KNOW the eCard is FROM YOU. All eCards you send from "Say It With eCards" WILL have YOUR FULL name in the subject of the notification your recipient receives telling them your eCard is waiting for them to retrieve.

  • An Address Book - No more fumbling around looking for important email addresses. Store all your friend's, loved ones, family, colleagues and business associates e-mail addresses. Enjoy “quick and easy” eCard sending.

  • Pre-Schedule/Program Your eCards in Advance - As a member... YOU NEVER have to wait until the last minute to send your eCards, DO THEM TODAY... THEN, "schedule them" for the desired date. They WILL be sent out and received on time!

  • A Calendar - Plan ahead by accessing your “personal” Calendar, where you can add birthdays, special events and appointments. Click on that day, and it will link you to that section. (Birthdays, Holidays, etc.)

  • Reminders - Store all your important dates so birthdays, anniversaries and other special events will never be forgotten, through our Reminder Notification e-mails.

  • My Favorites - Store all your favorite cards in 1 convenient location for easy access

  • Card History - View all cards sent in the past 30 days, with option to cancel cards that have not been delivered yet.

  • My Account - Edit/Change your personal and/or account membership information including e-mail address, password, etc.

  • Record your Voice - Record your “own voice” to include with your eCards.

    NOW... you REALLY CAN be there “in voice,” when you cannot be there in person. JUST IMAGINE... the impact this will have on your eCard's recipient! This feature alone is worth the membership fee!

  • Send Your Own Images - When you see this for the first time you will say WOW, I did!

    CONSIDER THIS... There is a special event (baby birth, party or even a favorite or special scene) you want to share with your recipient. Snap a digital image and include it as your eCard. Have an old photo, scan it, pop it into your favorite graphic program, resize it and you are ready to go. Or...

    Perhaps you are just back from vacation, took some great photo. Now you can send them as ecards, to your friends, and family? The possibilities are endless!

  • Annual Fee... All of the above and more for the affordable annual feel of $27.00.

    = 7 1/2 cents per day.

    "YOU" DESERVE the best! Your time and energy are worth more than 7 1/2 cents per day or $27.00 Annual!

    Think of what a Say It With eCards Membership can mean to you:
    • Spend extra time with family members, friends, loved ones, etc.
    • Do those special things you love to do.
    • Not worry about missing an occasion.
    • Be there on special occasions you just heard about
      • Someone is going to have a baby
      • Someone had a baby
      • Someone got a much desired job
      • Someone got a raise
      • Someone got engaged
    • Be there in times of need -- electronically -- when you can't be there in person.
      • Unexpected illness or accident (G-d Forbid)
      • Unexpected death (G-d Forbid)
    • Have one place to go each time you need a special Judaic Themed eCard
    • And so much more

$27.00 per year
(7 1/2 cents per day)


Get 24/7 Unlimited Access to
 Over 4,500 Judaic eCards

When you become a member of Say It With eCards you receive unlimited access to all the eCards on the site, plus all the features above. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!

Still Have Questions? Contact Roz

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