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Say It With eCards - Value (eCards vs Snail Mail — Tangible Proof)

Value of eCards vs Snail Mail!

Below is a list demonstrating in dollars, cents and time what you will save if you do your eCard sending at the "Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club" website.

Most importantly... “Time IS Money!” Busy people need the valuable time it takes to comb the web to find just the right Judaic eCard — for FREE! While "Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club" is a fee-based eCard club, you will save time and energy and find most of your card sending needs all in one place! Additionally... Roz encourages club members to suggest additional categories and does her best to add them!

Below is a breakdown of what it would cost in time and money to send 100 eCards from Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club as opposed to sending them snail mail through your local post office.

This sample comparison is based on 100 regular-sized Greeting Cards:

  • 100 cards @ $3.00 = $300 (and I would be sending much more cards)
  • 100 stamps @ $.44 would be $44.00
    (Consider, some cards "require" TWO stamps bringing this total to $88.00)
  • Go to the store
    (Don't forget the Gas. At the time of this writing it is over $4.00 a Gallon)
  • Pick out the card(s)
  • Stand on long lines at the post office to pick up stamps
  • Come home with stamps and cards
    (More Gas used!)
  • Write personal messages in each
  • Address the cards
  • Lick them
  • Seal them
  • Stamp them
  • Return to the Post Office to mail the cards
    (More Gas used!)
Quite honestly, I do not have the time or resources to do the above myself! Just writing it exhausted me! As you can see... It would take weeks to do it all, and would cost a fortune! Furthermore... You cannot even be sure the cards will arrive on time!

With "Say It With eCards" — ONCE YOU JOIN — This Is All You Do:

  • Login to the member area
  • Select the category you want to start sending cards from
  • Pick out your card(s)
  • Write your message(s) and choose if you want to send it to one person or multiple people. All is done one click.

    NOTE: Your recipient email addresses are added to your personal addressbook for later sending. At that time, you need ONLY to click on them and NOT enter them manually, thus saying a ton of time and energy!
  • Customization — You may enhance your eCard with a special background, stamp image, music, etc. This step is optional, you may want to use the default, but customizing is the fun part!
  • Click send and your card(s) are off across the CyberSpace miles

Whatever your choice is... IF you join Say It With eCards you will save a ton of money, time, energy and be using original card images that you won't see coming and going! Most of all... you will never leave the safety and comfort of your home. As well, you can log in from any computer using your personal username and password, so you really DO NOT have to be home to use your Say It With eCards membership.


So, if you are interested in preserving your valuable time... Surf on over to Say It With eCards and have a look around! Say It With eCards is known for its superb customer service! Check out the Club's testimonials!

Contact Roz for additional information!


Owner/Designer Say It With eCards

Still Have Questions? Want To Make Suggestions? Contact Roz

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