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Meet Roz ...
rosalind (roz) fruchtman is a new york city judaic digital artist.  Roz is the owner and digital designer of Say It With eCards, the former Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings Club -- judaic ecards for busy people

Roz Fruchtman is a Bronx, New York digital artist. Her website name “Designs By Daybreak” speaks volumes as to when Roz does her best and most creative work.

It all started back in 1997 when Roz needed a web version of her resume. Not knowing HTML she had to learn from scratch. Hating “busy work,” she decided to create something tangible — the Holidays in CyberSpace series of Websites were born!

In 1998 — not being graphically inclined — so she thought — Roz set out on an Internet scavenger hunt for Judaic graphic images for her then current project:
Passover in CyberSpace

To her absolute astonishment, she found next to nothing available in the line of Judaic graphics on the web. Thus another need to learn presented itself. However, it was more of a fluke than anything else, what came next!

After many long hours and lots of hard work, she discovered an untapped talent for digital design. With the support and encouragement of many Internet friends and colleagues Roz created Graphics Schmaphics Judaic Greetings and Graphics which provided Judaic eCards as well as a small collection of Judaic Graphic Images.
    Today the site is known as Say It With eCards and is dedicated to providing a unique and artsy method of communication -- via eCards -- for the Jewish Community, those communicating with the Jewish Community and/or having the need for Judaic themed eCards.

NOTE: One DOES NOT have to be Jewish to be a member of Say It With eCards. In fact, Roz reports, "half of my members are non-Jewish who find the website a tremendous resource for communicating with their Jewish recipients."  When they joined they not only received access to the largest Judaic eCards Club on the web, but they also got Roz as their guide. She sends notices when the holidays begin and provides insight on what is proper to send for different occasions. This in itself is worth the affordable $27.00 annual membership fee — 7 1/2 cents per day. (Less than ONE roll of 100 $.44 cent First Class US Postal Stamps!)

Roz says: "People are JUST TOO BUSY to have to worry about all the incidentals of sending eCards. Their time is JUST TOO VALUABLE.  I offer them an affordable solution, as well as the largest selection of Online Judaic eCards. (More than 4,500 Judaic eCards to choose from, at 7 1/2 cents per day, for unlimited eCard sending ~using a personal account)."

Roz says: "Life happens... things change moment by moment. I take the worry out of finding just the right Judaic eCard(s) at any given time. All YOU have to do is select a card, write your greeting -- customize it a bit, or not -- and send it along. In some cases I notice that since some of the eCards have the greeting on them, members are just signing their names, choosing a musical selection or not, clicking and sending. What could be easier! For 7 1/2 cents per day... You have your life back to do those things you really enjoy and to spend more time with family, friends and even time with yourself!"

Roz says: "Time with yourself IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE POSSESSION as we are no good to others if we are not good to ourselves! (This I know first hand!)"

Roz began testing the Internet waters to see if there was an interest in her designs — and there was! This encouraged her to keep creating and honing her newfound graphic design skills. As time went on she longed to create a Judaic eCard Club to provide a way for the Jewish Community to “Communicate in the Moment!”

However, her fate was sealed with the 911 disaster. She was about to make her debut in September of 2001 for the Jewish High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah), but world events not only altered her plans, but propelled her into a full-time passion for digital design and helping others communicate using her specially designed artsy, unique and tastefully designed Judaic images.

On 911 she discovered her designs were motivated and inspired by her deep compassion for others. Realizing this was a gift, she decided to follow her dream and open a real online card club. She spent the next nine months designing and flung opened the doors of Graphic Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings Club for Passover 2002. From then on it was history.

NOTE: In September of 2006... as a tribute and in remembrance of the 911 disaster, Roz included Thirty-Six (36) 911 Tribute eCards in the Say It With eCards member area.

After five years online... On the Jewish New Year 5767/2006 (Rosh Hashanah / September 2006) Roz came full-circle.  She changed the name of her Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings Club to the more modern “Say It With Ecards.” After all... It is all about communication and being able to “communicate in the moment.”

Say It With Ecards offers an up-to-date feature-rich online card club with the same artsy, unique and tastefully designed cards and Roz's personal customer service. The new site encouraged Roz to expand her Judaic eCard collection and the site offers more than 4,500 Judaic eCards to date.

Roz Wears Many Hats...

but enjoys design the best. It still amazes her, coming from a nothing background in design to now designing a large array of artsy, unique and tastefully designed digital art for her card club.

Among other things, in he early days Roz ran two large online discussion groups:

HTML-Haven Discussion Group — A web development help community for novice to professional web and graphic developers, and

Photoshop-Haven — A graphic development help community which focuses on Adobe's industry standard Photoshop.

Both groups accommodated the newbie/novice as well as the professional web developer and artist. (Roz says: “No matter how experienced any of us are, when we start something new we all become a newbie/novice all over again! Online discussion groups are one of the Internet's blessings! People helping people, what could be better than that!

FreeCycleBronxNY — Roz was the founder of the Bronx Chapter of the FreeCycle.org Network — FreeCycleBronxNY. After 13 months at the helm, Roz hand-picked a group to take over for her and left in pursuit of her own dreams — "Say It With eCards" is one of those dreams.

Stayed tuned... Roz is on the horizon of a new project which will involves her unique designs!

More questions ...
Contact Roz:  mailto:roz@SayItWithEcards.com

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