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Say It With eCards Testimonials

At Say It With eCards, we most definitely want to hear from you... whether good, bad or indifferent. Some of our greatest successes and/or achievements were inspired by member and prospective member comments — both positive and negative. We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Below are a few testimonials some of our members shared with us.

Say it with Ecards has a unique product not offered anywhere else in the ecard market. Not only do their condolence cards fit a niche not replicated elsewhere, but the immediate and personal customer service offered is unique in this type of product.
— Rabbi Jeff Kurtz-Lendner

The testimonial directly below was sent by one of my members to a group of his friends and colleagues. He generously allowed me to post it here... I will make one clarification... I will take card suggestions/requests from members and will do what I can to add them IF it falls within the site's parameters. Roz

In case you were not aware of it, there is a website run by Roz Fruchtman, a young woman from New York, available for your usage. 

Not only are the selections unique and creative (she does her own art work) but Roz will respond quickly to design Judaic and Non-Judaic cards for anyone or any occasion if something is not already available on her site.  She started this web-based business as a hobby and with very little knowledge of what maintaining a viable web site really entailed.  Roz learned quickly and you can see her results on the site. 

The link to the card site is: http://www.sayitwithecards.com/.  If you like what you see and would like to become a member of the site, please let Roz know via email that you'd like to join. ( I receive nothing but Roz's appreciation for having sent a new member her way.)
— Jeff Kaplan
JUDAIC E-CARDS — I was so pleased when a friend in America sent me details of your website. I live in England and wrote asking if I could subscribe. I was delighted to be able to subscribe as the site is truly wonderful. I love the fact that you can add music to the e-card and also moving cartoons and icons, colours and styles of font etc. Those friends that I have sent the ecard to have commented on what a great card it has been. There are numerous cards to choose from and I love the idea that most have a Jewish theme to them. I am proud to be Jewish and hence love to send things with a Magan David or similar on it.

ROZ - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL SITE. May you go from strength to strength.

Best wishes — Elaine in Leeds, UK.

"Call it Graphics Schmaphics....Judai e-cards...Say It With e-cards;
     Whenever one joins any of Roz Fructman's e-cards sites, one is sure to get a very personalized e-card and service.... Imagine...I joined on a special deal several months ago and somehow lost track of my privilege to buy Roz's cards for some reason.
     They to receive an e-mail to remind me....not to sell the product, but to be sure that I was OK and hoping that she could help with my e-card needs. You can't get that kind of service around too much these days...it is an almost lost art, except for Roz. Thank you , Roz both for your service and the product itself. ______________________________________________________
So, there's the testimonial Roz...with every word truly meant. Thanks so much for what you do and how you do it. All the best," — R.E.
"Thank you for reminding me -- I sent some cards.
      I love the way your ecards site works -- it's so easy to use. I'm able to send out multi-cards and once I've entered the email, it's saved so I never had to type it again. The person (people) I send cards to can simply click on the email link and it comes up immediately. And your designs are absolutely breathtaking. Yes, I love being a member!!"
— Judith / agoodread.com (Making the complicated--Simple)
"Roz, I am not Jewish, but I enjoy sending cards to my friends who are and your website offers great choices plus I know I will also appreciate the reminders when they come. Shalom"
— Heather Ireland
“Hi Roz, Thanks so much for a great eCard web site. I always find just the right card to send to friends and have recommended your web site to them. I like being able to choose my own colors, backgrounds and even music. Much better than all the secular web sites where it's hard to even find any card to choose from.  Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.”
— Joan Garland
Your site comes up in Google searches for Hanukkah E-cards, several times. The other sites have annoying pop-ups. I checked (name removed), they hardly even have any Hanukkah cards, also, the music is wonderful, nobody else has a selection of Jewish music like yours.  I will be sending out many cards, hopefully some people on my list will take notice...also, very good idea to offer a few free cards to get people acquainted with the site. Hang in there!
“Looking through your cards was more enjoyable than looking through many of the New Year sample books in the print shops. Your variety far outshines anything I have seen so far.
May you be written in the book of life for a good sweet year for your contributions to the Jewish Community.”
— Reb. Ruby Bluth
“Feel free to use anything I write; I wish you a lot of prosperity in your G-D given talent. Talents are hard to use, but you have obviously put a lot of effort into using yours: not only to encourage, and help people, but to make your site more personable than others (being the only one contributing to it). Not like (competitor's name removed). I had already subscribed to (competitor's name removed), but their site is geared more to making $: yours is geared towards Blessing others (as well as getting paid; and rightly so). G-D wants us to get paid for our contributions. Where as (competitor's name removed) has several contributors, your site is pure because you put only yourself into it.
      I found your site via dogpile. I was looking for cards with a Judaic flavor. I feel that Judaism is a Blessed Pure Religion given by our creator, and that Jewish Culture wants to Bless everybody; even our enemies, and indeed has done so (yourself included) with many contributions throughout the ages. Again, wishing you a lot of prosperity.”
— Respectfully Yours, Stanton Goldhagen.
Please let Roz know how glad I am to have joined the other day; this card is amazingly beautiful with a very moving message.
     “In one sending, the service has paid for itself (compare the Graphics Schmaphics prices to those “white bread” Hallmark 8 packs, postage, legwork ... well, folks, you do the math!). I believe the 2-for-1 incentive makes it even more cost-effective.  And I am proud to support a fellow Jew than an anonymous big business.”
— Marlene Rosenfield-Crawford
“I am not Jewish, but pick up a card from this site for my dear friend to show my respect. And you always help me in panic trying to send it in time for the important occasions. I appreciate not only the cards you make available on the web but also your kindness. Thank you so much.”
— Keiko
“Roz, I love the great work that you do. Your Judaic Greetings are wonderful and I as a Catholic really appreciate what you have to say. Your work shows that we are all people that believe in some one greater and I send a lot of your cards to my catholic friends and get comments about them. I will remain part of your following because I believe that your message is lets be all friends.”
      Keep up the good work Roz. Shalom — Frank

I have been spending sometime to review your site. I did not expect it to be so informative. I was expecting a site where you would log into and just have your pick from a variety of online cards. This site has so much information in reference to the Judaic religion. It is tastefully done and very interesting. Supplying your background information and the purpose for this site is a major plus. I am very pleased with everything that I have viewed, at your site, thus far. I will continue to visit.
     P.S. I hope you enjoyed Yom Kippur. — Tony G

Roz ...
“just a short note to thank you for all the help you have given to me. I do like your card assortment very much - in particular, I enjoy being able to select background and print colors, and music.  And...hopefully to your advantage, I have been asked where the cards come from. Good luck to you and good fortune to your business.” — Ellen

“I must say I have had nothing but good luck with Graphics Schmaphics. It's nice to see an alternative to those other services who seem addicted to advertising and care little about the customer. Your customer service is superb. Keep up the good work!” — Steve, stevesdomain.net
“Roz, I'm impressed with all the great work you've done on your Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive site. I'm glad I joined your Judaic Greetings Club. Now I can send all my friends terrific cards with beautiful graphics and great music. Just now I sent a Mazel Tov card to a friend who is selling newspapers in the supermarket. I chose "If I were a Rich Man" as the music element.
     Your Judaic Greeting Card Club outshines many of the ones I see on the Internet. And the price is right! It's also easy to navigate your site. Instructions for each element like text and background color are easy to understand and follow. I'm glad I joined your club and hope to send greeting cards to all of my friends on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to new greeting cards as you make them available. Thanks again for all your hard work and expertise”. — Sincerely, Sandy English
“I am extremely pleased to be a member. The cards are well thought out and fit any occasion that arises. The colors bring compliments and the music is wonderful.
     As a second year “veteran,” I am happy that I found Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings.”
— Cordially, Alan A. Kalter

Still have questions? What to make a comment, share a testimonial of your own or perhaps you have a suggestion or complaint? Contact Roz



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