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Say It With eCards - Top 18 Member Benefits...

18 Ways to Make “Your” Life Easier and Keep “Your Name” in Front of Those You Love and/or Care About.

Please read on to learn how YOU may Save "YOUR" time, money and energy.

  • #1 Personal Customer Service / Phone Support in USA

    Consistency and Dedication — Always communicate with the same person (Roz). This enables you to obtain quicker resolutions with less frustration, while saving your valuable time. Roz will call you (within the USA) IF the problem cannot be quickly solved via email or if time is an issue. While this feature is NOT used often, it IS available.

  • 24/7 Unlimited Access to more than 2,900 Judaic eCards — Exclusively Offered ONLY at Say It With eCards.

    To date... There are over 2,717 "Exclusive" Judaic eCards available for your sending convenience. These eCard designs are NOT offered on other websites so your recipients will not see them coming and going.

    Say It With eCards offers the "exclusive" Judaic designs of Roz Fruchtman - Bronx, NYC Digital Artist. Roz is always designing so there are always new Judaic designs and categories being added.

  • A "PRIVATE" Address Book – NEVER Lose or Forget an Email Address

    Keep all your email addresses in one place so you can send eCards on-the-fly without having to search for the recipient's email address.

    This Address Book is "PRIVATE" to your account. It is "NOT" shared with anyone else. So you can be sure your email addresses are safe from spam.

  • Calendar/Reminders – LINK Reminders to Calendar Date

    This feature is the greatest as you can link the reminders to specific days and do a bunch in advance.

  • eCard History – SEE "ALL" eCard Sending/Receipt Activity

    See whether/when your eCard was sent (if you are sending at a later date). See when/if it was picked up, etc. As well, you can see which eCard designs you sent to who.

  • Birthday Alerts – RECEIVE Reminders
  • Invitation Service – SEE Who is Coming/Who is Not, etc.
  • Voice eCards – Ability to Send Voice eCards

    Imagine the impact hearing your voice would have on the recipient, especially when you CANNOT be there to talk to them in person. They CAN play it over and over!

  • Use Your Images – Ability to Use Your Own Images as eCards
    • Did you just have a baby?
    • Are you the proud grandparents?
    • Did you just get married or graduate?
    • Did you just buy a new home or move or redecorate?
    • Did you just get home from vacation?

      Make your eCards even more personal... Use your own photo image(s) as your eCard designs.

  • NO Spam/ NO Virus Fears – YOUR Name Appears in eCard Notices

    Your recipients WILL ALWAYS know that the eCard being sent is FROM YOU as YOUR name will appear in the "SUBJECT" of the eCard Pickup Notification.

    Now a days this is REALLY IMPORTANT with all the spam, scams and viruses being sent daily.

  • Newsletter – Site and/or Holiday Updates and Reminders

    Generally these are sent out each week ONLY if there is a holiday or site information that needs to be shared with the entire membership. (In other words, you will NOT be spammed!)

  • One-Click Multiple eCard Sending

    When you are sending the same eCard design and message to a group of people (two or more) you can send them out in multiples. (Saves you the time of creating the same eCard over and over again!)

  • Pay With Either - PayPal or 2Checkout.com

    PayPal and 2Checkout.com are two worldwide/international payment services offering a variety of payment methods and choices.

  • Save "YOUR" Valuable Time – JOIN NOW

    With the abundant Judaic eCard designs (over 2,300 to date) available at Say It With eCards, you will always be able to find something appropriate for that special someone, occasion or communication. NO NEED to burden yourself and waste YOUR valuable time searching all over for the perfect free eCard and winding up with a design that the recipient received many times over. (This happened to me on Thanksgiving. I received at least six of the SAME card. While the card was VERY nice... I found it annoying to watch the same movie over and over in order to get to the personal message at the end.)

    YOUR TIME is worth more than the pennies a day it costs for a Say It With eCards Judaic eCard Club Membership.

  • YOU DESERVE the most... YOU ARE most important and YOU DESERVE the absolute best! Be good to yourself!

  • PayPal or 2checkout.com — For your payment convenience I use two of the most well-known Commerce Payment Provider to process your payments:
    • PayPal
    • 2checkout.com

  • Affordably Priced...
    At $19.95 Per Year (5 1/2 cents per day) – JOIN NOW

    For pennies a day you have 24/7 access to over 2,300 exclusive, artsy and tastefully designed Judaic themed eCards. This is the largest collection on any website to date.

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